Do I have to put each letter on individually?

The vinyl letters come pre-spaced so that you can apply the letters all at once.

Will the vinyl work on any surface?

Vinyl letters will stick to any smooth or lightly textured surface. For example: walls, wood, smooth metal, glass, and most floor tiles.

Will vinyl lettering damage my walls?

No—the vinyl is completely removable and will not damage painted walls. Note that some darker paints will fade over time due to sun exposure. This causes the area under the letters to be darker than the surrounding wall color.

What if I need to remove the lettering from my wall?

To remove, heat the lettering with a blow dryer. Once the vinyl is warm, use your fingernail or tweezers to lift one of the corners. Gently pull the vinyl lettering off. Any adhesive residue can be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol.

How do I determine the height of the vinyl lettering?

The height is determined by the size of the capital letters in the phrase. If you need help deciding what size letters to order, email us with the size of the space you would like to fill and the quote you would like, and we will email you a proof with the lettering size needed.

How do I clean around the quote?

Treat your Wall lettering like you would letters that were hand painted. Carefully wipe with a clean cloth or use a squeegee.

How do I store vinyl lettering before I am ready to install it?

Roll lettering until you are ready to apply it. Do not bend or fold.

How to install your vinyl lettering/decals?
  1. Prepare Your Surface: For best results, pre-measure the location for your lettering, using a level and ruler. Use masking tape to position lettering temporarily. Mark position with a pencil. Make sure surface where lettering will be applied is clean, dry and smooth.
  2. Prepare Vinyl Lettering: The letters have a clear or white transfer tape on one side of the lettering and backing paper on the other side. With the tape side facing up, firmly rub over the transfer tape with a credit card, squeegee, or plastic spatula to insure that the quote is adhered to the clear tape. Some air bubbles are okay, as long as lettering is adhered to the tape.
  3. Remove the Backing Paper: Turn wall lettering over so that the tape is facing down and the backing is facing up. Slowly peel backing paper away from the lettering and sticky transfer tape at an angle. If any letters stick to the backing instead of the tape, push back down on that section until it is adhered to the tape, then continue pulling the backing paper off.
  4. Apply Tape to Surface: LIGHTLY position sticky ends of tape with lettering on the desired surface (wall, mirror, tile, board, etc). Gently adjust the position of the lettering if needed. Smooth the letters and tape against the wall using your fingers. (Note: Vinyl will stick very quickly to glass, metal, or mirrors, so it will not be possible to adjust it once it has been placed. Be very careful before you place it on the glass or mirror! It helps to have another person assist you!)
  5. Adhere Lettering: Firmly rub over lettering with a credit card, squeegee, or plastic spatula to transfer to desired surface. Carefully rub out any air bubbles starting from the center and work your way out. Use a pin to pop any stubborn air bubbles and rub over with spatula.
  6. Remove Transfer Tape: Slowly peel off the transfer tape at an angle, re-rub any lettering that sticks to the tape and re-apply pressure to lettering. You’re done!
To Install Polka Dot Wall Decals

These do not have a transfer tape, so they are just a “peel and stick” product.

  1. Gently lift the edge of one of the polka dots with a finger nail, or bend back the backing paper to expose an edge of the dot.
  2. Pull the polka dot away from the backing evenly so that it does not stretch, taking
  3. care that the vinyl does not fold back on itself.
  4. Position the polka dot on the wall where you want it; for larger dots, hold the edges of the dot and place the middle of the dot on the wall first, then lay the edges down in order to minimize air bubbles.
  5. Use fingers to smooth the vinyl onto the wall and into any texture on the wall. You can use a credit card or other soft spatula to push any air bubbles towards the edge of the vinyl. For stubborn air bubbles, poke with a pin and then push the air out through the small hole.

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